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Is there such a thing as a typical Past Life Regression session ?

As we all experience things slightly differently, each session will be adjusted to suite each persons requirements. So as each session will be slightly different they must also have some common objectives, to keep us on track and to help us achieve our desired goals. It is useful for some to have a “warm up” session before doing the actual regression, especially if they are not familiar with hypnosis, and this initial session will put them at ease and they will feel more relaxed about the whole process.

There are a number of reasons why people want to be regressed, and very often it’s a combination of a few reasons. Some may be curious or skeptical or both, and are interested in who they were in a previous lifetime. Others may be regressed to “Current Lives” or “Past Lives” for therapeutic reasons, and very often during a current life regression, the subject may experience something that couldn’t possibly be part of their current lives, so that may be an unintentional glimpse into a past life experience. Some will have already had glimpses into, or have had feelings about past lives, and feel they are ready to explore further.

Past Life Regression and the experiences it gives us can be both enlightening and therapeutic, giving us answers and understanding in our current lives, as well as information from the past. Some believe in it and others don’t, and that’s fine as we are free to believe what we want. More and more people these days are believing that we don’t just live one life, and are able to take on board the idea of reincarnation. There are a number of case studies out there and more work is being done all the time in the field of regression. Some of the case studies on the regression of children, who’s results were researched and validated are really interesting. These children could have not possibly known about some of the things that they talked about.

Back to the “typical” session, which is very frequently around an hour and a half. The first half an hour is for our consultation, answering questions and explaining the whole process. Some of the basics will have already been taken care of during our initial email or telephone communications. The remaining hour will be spent on the regression, introducing hypnosis and experiencing the past life journey. At the end there will be an opportunity to evaluate and summarise your experience, and don’t worry if you don’t remember everything, as an audio recording of the session will be provided.

So there you have a brief insight into that “typical” Past Life Regression session, and if you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch !

Enjoy the journey

Meirion Ellis

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